Anglicare Victoria, as part of Anglican Representative (National Redress Scheme) Limited, is a participating institution in the Commonwealth Government’s National Redress Scheme.

At Anglicare Victoria, we want to emphasise the importance of recognising and addressing the prevalence of historic institutional abuse in organisations, such as our own and our founding agencies, and demonstrate our willingness to acknowledge and support those who experienced abuse.

Alongside our participation in the National Redress Scheme, our Heritage Services team will continue to assist past clients to access their records, make referrals to appropriate support services and respond to claims of abuse received outside of the scheme.

Joining the National Redress Scheme is an important step that we have taken to ensure that we are providing a range of options for those who suffered sexual abuse to access redress. We will continue to work closely with our past clients in order to understand the impact historical abuse has had on individuals and their families and how we can best support them.

Those who were subject to abuse in an institutional setting have often lived through decades of trauma associated with their experiences. In speaking to those affected, we recognise that redress should also include a number of key components including assistance to access counselling, referrals to a range of support services and a direct personal response. Anglicare Victoria commits to offering a direct personal response to all past clients who were subject to abuse whilst in our care, either in writing or in person, to reflect the individual circumstances of each person.

For more information, or if you would like to talk to someone about your time in care with Anglicare Victoria or one of its founding agencies, please contact Heritage Services on (03) 9412 6133 or via

For more information, visit the National Redress Scheme website or call the National Redress information line on 1800 737 377.

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