Assisting Past Clients

Adoption Information Service

Anglicare Victoria’s predecessor agency, The Mission of St James and St John, was a registered adoption agency. The Adoption Information Service began in 1984 with the introduction of the Victorian Adoption Act, which for the first time provided rights to the parties of an adoption access to information and support.

Anglicare Victoria is currently one of three community service organisations in Victoria that provides an Adoption Information Service. This service is available to adopted persons, adoptive parents, parents who have relinquished their child and other family members who can obtain information about an adoption (in accordance with the Adoption Act 1984). The service also provides counselling, mediation and support, as well as search and outreach on behalf of people affected by adoption.

In accordance with section 34 of the Electoral Act 2002, the Victorian Electoral Commission has agreed to undertake cross-matching and verification or provision of up-to-date enrolment details of electors (excluding silent electors) as requested by Anglicare Victoria on an ad hoc basis for the purpose of enabling Anglicare Victoria to fulfil its prescribed obligations under Adoption Act 1984.

The Adoption Information Service is based at Anglicare Victoria’s Yarraville office and can be contacted on (03) 9396 7400. Please see the Summary of access to Adoption Information for further information.

Adopted people and their families can also seek assistance and information from the Family Information Networks and Discovery (FIND) team at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. FIND can be contacted on (03) 8608 5700 or 1300 769 926.

Anglicare Victoria’s Heritage Services

Today, Anglicare Victoria is a custodian of client records from many of the children’s homes and services run by the founding agencies. We value the history of our organisations and continue to improve the preservation of, and access to, our record collection to people who spent time as children in the former homes and their families. Anglicare Victoria offers a supported release of records, referrals to support services and advice about how to access records held by other organisations.

If you wish to access a copy of records held by the agency in relation to your time in a children’s home, or would like to speak to someone about your experiences in care, please contact the Heritage Client Liaison Officer on (03) 9412 6140. Alternatively, download the Client and Third Party Access to Anglicare Victoria Client Records – Request Application Form and post along with supporting documentation, attention to: Heritage Client Liaison Office, Anglicare Victoria PO Box 45 Abbotsford VIC 3067.

Reunion for care leavers

Each year we hold a Christmas Reunion for Care Leavers, also known as Forgotten Australians, and the families of people who spent time as children living in any of the former homes or institutions. If you would like to connect with people from the home, or meet other people with a shared experience of growing up in institutional care, please contact the Heritage Client Liaison Officer on (03) 9412 6140.