ParentZone is the Regional Parenting Resource Service for the Northern, Eastern, and Southern Metropolitan regions of Melbourne and the Gippsland region of Victoria.

Every year, ParentZone works with thousands of parents, carers and professionals to provide parents and carers with access to the resources and support they need to parent effectively.

Often parents report that they come to ParentZone group work programs to learn new strategies so they can stop yelling at their kids or losing their temper. By the end of the program, one of the most common things parents report is that they are no longer shouting at their kids:

“I’m more level headed. I’m cooler and calmer, and I can see clearly now. I have other tools to use instead of yelling at them.”

ParentZone is available to:

  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Grandparents of children 0-18 years
  • Professionals working with children and families

We Provide:

  • A variety of parenting programs offered at no cost
  • Training and consultancy for professionals in facilitating parent programs
  • A quarterly newsletter containing information about groups and events, family supports and professional development. To access our newsletters visit:
  • A resource library of books, videos and articles about parenting
  • Information about other family support agencies

Parenting programs and groups:
When are parenting programs run?
ParentZone provides ‘one off’ parenting forums as well as parenting programs that run for 2 hours each week, usually for 4 – 8 weeks. There are morning, afternoon and evening groups available.


This program, which is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services support families by:

  • Providing peer support groups to parents or carers of a child with a disability or developmental delay
  • Providing information, resources and advice
  • Connecting them with relevant services, other families and their community
  • Providing opportunities to strengthen family resilience and self-advocacy skills

For further information, or to get in touch see our brochure

Contact Our ParentZone teams

Gippsland: P: (03) 51359555 E:

Eastern: P: (03) 9721 3646 E:

North: P: (03) 8641 8900  E:

South: P: (03) 97816700 E:

ParentZone Publications

ParentZone – Our Impact

In analysing our Impact for 2014-2015, ParentZone has examined 3 key areas; REACH, QUALITY & OUTCOMES.

Evaluation of Parents Building Solutions

Parents Building Solutions is a strengths-based, developmental parenting program that is based on principles of participant co-design. The program was developed over a ten year period in response to the needs of parents attending groups at a Regional Parenting Service in Melbourne, Victoria.
This research represents the first comprehensive analysis of participants in the program. Parents Building Solutions is significant in that the focus of the program is as much on the process of engagement, and being client driven, as it is on the content in the materials. Using an adult, experiential learning model of participant co-design, the contributions, values, and strengths of the participants are used as the basis for learning new skills and building on existing ones.

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ParentZone Events

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ParentZone FAQs

  • Parentzone is funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training (DET), Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) and various other funders from region to region.

  • Parentzone Southern

    • Phone: 03 5945 2000
    • Level 1, 66-68 Main Street Pakenham
    • Level 2, 60-64 Wells Street Frankston

    Parentzone Eastern

    • 03 9735 4188
    • 47-51 Castella Street, Lilydale

    Parentzone Northern

    • 03 9465 0322
    • 42 Mary Street, Preston

    Parentzone Gippsland

    • 03 5133 9998
    • 65 Church Street Morwell
  • Each group is flexible and tailored to the needs of those who attend. Some of the things we usually talk about include discipline, getting kids to listen, helping children deal with their emotions, developing resilience, what to expect at different ages, and rules and consequences. Some programs have a particular focus, such as parenting a child with autism, groups for fathers, responding to challenging behaviours, parenting after family violence, or parenting teens.

  • Groups can be held at kindergartens, maternal & child health centres, schools, neighbourhood centres and through local councils and community agencies.

  • No. All groups provided by Parentzone are free of charge.


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