Our carers are everyday people who are generous individuals and families who have stepped up to help children in their community who are desperately in need.

Hear our carers and young people talk about their experience as Anglicare Victoria foster families below.

Jesse - AV former foster child“When my brother and I entered foster care a week before my 4th birthday, we’d never had a solid place to live or a family to care for us and love us. That meant life was a very scary thing for us. It took some time to settle into our foster home, but we eventually found that the foster home was where we did belong and that we could live there happily and that we were both safe and protected there. They taught me how to care for other people, how to look after myself. How to strive for the things I believe in. How to speak up if there’s something I don’t believe in happening. I really do owe everything to them. I remember the day I asked if could call them mum and dad.

– Jesse, a former AV foster child

Amanda - AV Foster Care“Every one of the children that’s been in my care has got a place in my heart. When children come into my care it’s a chance to show them that they’re safe, and that this is what it’s like to be in a home where there’s no violence and there’s no aggression.”

– Amanda, AV Carer since 2019

Frazer - AV former foster child“One of the hardest things about being in care was dealing with my feelings of abandonment, loneliness at times and often feeling like I was a failure. Even though I sometimes had hard days I had just as many good days, days where I didn’t feel any of those emotions and I felt so cared for.”

– Frazer, a former AV foster child

“Anglicare Victoria are very supportive. Let them know what works for you family, they respect that. They respect your availability. When you need extra help, they are there to provide it. It doesn’t have to be your whole week or month, every little bit helps a child in need.”

— Bronwyn, AV Foster Carer since 2016

“I would say to anyone considering foster care to jump in! It will transform your life for the better. The training will equip you with the skills you need.”

— Melissa, AV Foster Carer

“If I can do you can do it. We‘ve had a lot of fun with the children. Watching movies and playing games. And it’s great to expose them to things that would otherwise not have had access to.”

 — Garry, AV Foster Carer for over 11 years

Watch Frazer's Story

We can’t do this without you

Paul MacDonald - AV CEO“The fact is, we can’t do this without you. When we don’t get enough new carers coming in the door, it’s often a reality that kids need to move further away from their local area. This obviously has a big impact on their lives.

Having a healthy number of foster carers means more kids living in safe and secure homes long-term, and more teenagers growing into positive contributors to society. Every community across Australia benefits from this. Thank you for considering opening you heart and home to these children.” Paul McDonald, CEO, Anglicare Victoria

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    The beginning of having a father

    “I approached him one day, after years of being in his care, and timidly asked if he would let me call him Dad, of course, his answer was yes. That is probably the moment that marks the beginning of me feeling like I had a family.”

    "My Foster Home is where I belong"

    “My foster parents taught me to not hate my past, but rather to learn from the mistakes of others and to come to terms with what has happened, and that which cannot be changed." Jesse, 19 reflects on his time in foster care.

    "I got everything from them"

    Foster Care is more than a home, it makes a huge difference to a young person’s life. Jesse, 19 says his foster parents Gen and John gave him so much more than just a roof over his head.

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