Have you ever thought about fostering a teenager? People enquiring about foster care often think it’s just young children who need support, but teenagers also require a safe and welcoming home. As a foster carer to teenagers, your role is to provide a secure and loving home to young people aged 13-17.

All young people need a supportive adult in their lives, someone who can help them develop a sense of self-worth, confidence, and the belief that they can have a bright and happy future. Teenagers, just like younger children, require patience and compassion to thrive.

When you foster a teenager, you’ll be guiding them to become more self-sufficient and independent. It’s a rewarding opportunity to play a part in their journey into adulthood.

  • Foster carers can choose from several different care types when fostering teenagers, including emergency, respite, short- or long-term care, or a combination of these.
  • Foster carers receive comprehensive training and 24/7 caseworker support.
  • A range of support groups, ongoing training opportunities and financial reimbursements are available.

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Reasons to Foster a Teenager

  • Increased independence – You may find a teenager is easier to care for than a younger child, as they can perform self-care tasks and get themselves to and from school. For some adolescent carers this means they can continue working, while also helping a young person in need achieve greater independence and confidence.
  • Engaging – Teenagers can be brilliant conversationalists, giving you the opportunity to not only pass on your wisdom but to learn from them, too.
  • Highly rewarding – When you care for a teenager, you’re helping steer them along the path to adulthood. Your guidance could set them up for a happy, successful life. What could be more rewarding than that?
  • Be part of a supportive community – Ongoing support and training are key to a successful foster care placement. When you foster a teenager, we’ll provide all the help you need to feel confident and well-equipped in your role.

Find out why Isobel & Scott find fostering teenagers so rewarding.

Fostering Teens | "They're just looking for a normal day."

Anglicare Victoria Foster Carers reflect on their experiences caring for Teens.

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