Fostering siblings is one of the most rewarding things you can do. For children, being taken from the home they have always known, regardless of the situation, can be extremely frightening. For siblings, this trauma is exacerbated further if they are separated from each other an placed into different foster homes.

As a Sibling Foster Carer you can help keep siblings together, which is critical for maintaining their close bond and attachment.

Quick Facts about Foster Care

  • As a Sibling Foster Carer your role is to provide a safe and loving home to two or more children from the same family.
  • A range of support groups and ongoing training opportunities are available.
  • You can choose to provide a variety of different care types to siblings including emergency, respite, short or long-term care.
  • Any adult with room in their hearts and home can apply to be a foster carer. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or in a relationship, with or without children, working or at home.
  • Carers receive comprehensive free training and 24/7 case worker support. The financial reimbursement you receive is per child, not per sibling group.

Learn More about Fostering

Foster Siblings at Anglicare Victoria

Hear Stephen, Michelle, Jacqueline tell their experience as a Sibling Foster Carer.

Benefits of Fostering Siblings

While the thought of being a foster carer to sibling groups can sound a little overwhelming, there are actually many benefits.

  • Increased Emotional Wellbeing of Children – When brothers and sisters are placed together, it causes much less trauma and emotional upset, making them happier overall. This can make it easier for them to settle into a foster care placement.
  • Highly Rewarding – Fostering siblings can be extremely rewarding. It doesn’t just benefit the children in care; it also benefits you. The difference you can make in keeping children stay together is truly amazing. Find out why Jenny & Tony Missen find fostering siblings so rewarding.
  • Space in the Home – Depending on ages and gender of the children, siblings from the same family can sometimes share a bedroom, meaning you don’t necessarily need to have a large family home.

Foster Care Info Sessions

Interested in learning more about foster care and what’s involved? Attend a virtual info session from the comfort from your own home. We will present the different types of foster care, the roles and responsibilities of carers and the process to becoming a foster carer. The session is designed to help you decide if fostering is something you would like to explore further.

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