It can be an extremely frightening experience for children and young people when they are removed from the home they have always known. For siblings, being separated from their brothers and sisters can exacerbate that trauma further.

We do our best to ensure siblings stay together where possible and are not placed into different foster homes. But the only way we can do this is if we have foster carers who can help us keep them together.

  • Siblings who stay together can maintain their close bond and attachment, helping ease them through the transition into their new home.
  • Your role is to provide a safe and loving home to two or more children from the same family.
  • A range of support groups and ongoing training opportunities are available.
  • You can choose to provide a variety of different care types for siblings, including emergency, respite, short- or long-term care.

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Benefits of Fostering Siblings

    While the thought of being a foster carer to siblings may be a little overwhelming, it is also incredibly beneficial, for both carers and children:

    • Keeping families together – The experience of being removed from the family home is traumatic enough. If we can keep brothers and sisters together and offer them some much-needed familiarity and security, it may help them settle into their foster care placement more quickly and easily.
    • Highly rewarding – Fostering siblings can be a very fulfilling experience. By helping us keep siblings together you can make an enormous difference in the lives of vulnerable young people.
    • Space in the home – Depending on the ages and gender of the children, siblings from the same family can sometimes share a bedroom. This means you don’t necessarily need to have a large family home to support more than one child.

    Find out why Jenny & Tony Missen find fostering siblings so rewarding.

    Foster Siblings at Anglicare Victoria

    Hear Stephen, Michelle, Jacqueline tell their experience as a Sibling Foster Carer.

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