Anglicare Victoria’s residential care homes are safe and supportive environments for children and young people. Many have experienced abuse, neglect, or violence and as a result often have complex needs. Skilled and dedicated staff use a therapeutic approach to help them recover from trauma. Residential care programs promote personal growth, provide opportunities for meaningful life experiences and foster community connectedness.

Support for young people in Residential Care

Young people in residential care are supported by a Care Team, comprised of key staff and support people in the young person’s life. The Care Team look after the day-to-day care issues for each young person in residential care, they also make sure that young people’s views are represented in decision making.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in residential care remain connected to their culture with the support of AV’s cultural advisors and also VACCA who assist with cultural planning and consultation.

AV’s TEACHaR program is available to young people to support them with their learning.

AV has dedicated Therapeutic Specialists who develop assessments and trauma informed care plans for young people in our Therapeutic Residential Care houses. AV’s Principal Practitioner is available for consultation, advice and support for residential care staff to strengthen their therapeutic approach to young people living in residential care.

A Resi Care Home Sensory Room

Additional courses for young people in Residential Care:

  • Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle program –an evidence-based healthy lifestyle education program designed to help young people develop skills and protect themselves against illness through healthier eating and active living.
  • Developing Independence –a course that engages young people in mainstream education by developing their personal vision, planning and setting goals across six life domains: education, employment, health and wellbeing, social connections, housing and living skills and civic participation.
  • Emotional Regulation and Impulse Control– a psychological skills-based intervention.

Lead Tenant Program

Lead tenant is an out-of-home care placement option providing accommodation and support to young people aged 16 to 18 years. Lead Tenants are volunteers who live rent-free with young people in a shared household to create a safe and supportive living environment which supports their transition to independent living.

Supported by professional staff, Lead Tenants act as positive role models for the young people, both in managing their own day-to-day routines and commitments, and more broadly in their personal conduct within the house and the community.

See Lead Tenant volunteer vacancies.

Village 21

A first of its kind, Village 21 is an innovative accommodation and support program designed by Anglicare Victoria and Kids Under Cover. It assists at-risk young care leavers aged 18 – 21 years, providing them with the opportunity to gain life experiences and learn independent living skills. 

Village 21 aims to give residents a taste of living independently, including paying rent, looking after yourself and learning to live in a shared environment. It supports communal activities such as cooking, maintaining shared gardens and learning life skills.

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