AV provides kinship care services which support children who are no longer able to live with their parents so instead are cared for by a relative or friend.

The Kinship care program provides vital support to relatives or members of a child’s social network to care for a child or and young person when they cannot live with their parents. Kinship care can either be a statutory care arrangement where a court has ordered it, or it can be a private arrangement agreed upon by the people involved.

AV’s kinship care team work with the child or young person and their networks, including carers, government child protection services and the child’s family to ensure the care arrangement meets their ongoing safety, stability and developmental needs.


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"It felt like the pressure had been lifted a little off my shoulders financially, mentally and emotionally. Our support worker gave us a voice and guidance to better able support my niece, myself and family. Having my support worker by my side in meetings with other services, we were actually being heard! My support worker asked all the difficult questions, making it less stressful for us."

Support Services available to Kinship Carers

Kinship Care First Supports

First Supports is an assessment and support service for statutory kinship care placements that come from child protection. Following a comprehensive assessment of the kinship placement and child’s needs, the program can provide direct family services support and / or link the family to necessary services where needed.

The service support families to meet the needs of the children and young people they care for. These programs aim to increase parenting confidence and capability which leads to better opportunities and outcomes for children and improved relationships between the child, parents and caregivers.

Case Management

Statutory cases that come from child protection are contracted to an agency who provide case management support to children and young people and their carers.

Case managers maximise the resources within families and help them to sustain long term stable placements.

Information and Advice

There is a telephone information service that is open to kinship care families, children and young people, and the professionals who support them.

Staff can provide information about services in the community and give advice to help carers develop their knowledge and skills around caring for children and young people.

Kinship Carers Group

We facilitate groups which bring kinship carers together to share experiences, resources and make connections. The group also invites guest speakers to come along and have social gatherings.

The Groups runs once a month, but are currently on hold due to health restrictions. They are set to resume in 2021.

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