The Kinship care program provides vital support to relatives or members of a child’s social network to care for a child or and young person when they cannot live with their parents. Kinship care can either be a statutory care arrangement where a court has ordered it, or it can be a private arrangement agreed upon by the people involved.

AV’s kinship care team work with the child or young person and their networks, including carers, government child protection services and the child’s family to ensure the care arrangement meets their ongoing safety, stability and developmental needs.


Anglicare Western Region | 93967400

Anglicare Eastern Region | 9896 6322

Anglicare  Loddon Region | 03 5440 1100

"It felt like the pressure had been lifted a little off my shoulders financially, mentally and emotionally. Our support worker gave us a voice and guidance to better able support my niece, myself and family. Having my support worker by my side in meetings with other services, we were actually being heard! My support worker asked all the difficult questions, making it less stressful for us."

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