Specialised Foster Care

Enhanced Care Opportunities (ECO) is a specialist type of foster care. Carers provide a higher level of support to get young lives back on track. Additional resources help foster carers build confidence and emotional resilience in young people with difficult behaviours.

ECO gives you the opportunity to help turn a young life around.

The Australian program is aimed at supporting children and young people from 12-17 years of age. It has three main aims: recovery from trauma, developing strong relationships and secure attachments, and life skills for the future. Carers become adept at catching problems early, remaining calm and providing emotional support to prevent difficult behaviours.

ECO Carers receive a range of enhanced supports:

• Generous tax-free reimbursement per year
• Additional training
• Dedicated daily support (Mon-Fri) from the therapeutic case manager
• After-hours on-call service
• Regular 1:1 supervision, peer support and debriefing
• Monthly respite

In ECO, the young person also receives enhanced supports:

• Therapy for themselves and family members
• Weekly sessions with a ‘skills coach’ to build their confidence
• Enhanced case management
• Support from a qualified teacher to help them engage with and succeed at school.


Requirements to be an ECO foster carer:

• Over 21 years old
• Have a spare bedroom
• Have a current driver’s licence
• Able to provide safety, boundaries, fun and support
• Be able and willing to follow ECO guidelines
• Be flexible and available
• A warm and caring person



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To find out how you can become an ECO Foster Carer and turn a young life around, email fostercare.southern@anglicarevic.org.au or call us on 03 9293 8500.